In-Country Value


OP is committed to creating and maximizing In-Country Value (ICV) as part of our dedication to supporting the local economy and fostering sustainable long-term growth. We believe that working closely with local businesses and communities is essential to achieving these goals. To that end, we prioritize sourcing materials and services locally whenever possible, creating opportunities for local businesses to participate in our supply chain.

As part of our approach to creating sustainable in-country value, we carefully select, recruit, and develop professional responders from the local communities in which we operate to be part of our culturally diverse team. By building local workforce competence, we not only support our customers and government authorities but also contribute to the broader community’s growth and development.

By focusing on ICV, we not only support the local economy but also foster meaningful partnerships and create long-term value for our stakeholders. As a registered SME with Riyada, OP fully supports the Omani Government’s initiatives to create business opportunities for other Riyada-registered SMEs. To that end, we allocate between 10-15% of the total revenue from each project to SME companies. In addition to Riyada-registered SMEs, our procurement policy also gives preference to Local Community Contractors (LCCs) and companies with 100% local ownership for our support services and material requirements.

Since 2019, approximately 70% of all our company’s service and material requirements have been sourced from Riyada SMEs, LCCs, and 100% locally owned companies, except for highly specialized services, equipment, or materials that can only be sourced from overseas manufacturers when no local alternatives are available. In 2023, we increased the percentage of locally sourced services and materials to 80%.

Percentage of Services and Materials Soruced from Riyada SMEs, LCCs and 100% Locally Owned Companies

Annual Revenue Generated for LCCs, SMEs, and 100% Locally Owned Companies as a Direct Result of OP Operations (OMR)

Percentage of Local Community Staff Employed by OP in Their Respective Community-Based Projects

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