Our ESG Commitment

At OP, we are deeply committed to sustainable and ethical business practices, aligning our operations with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is integral to our mission, directly impacting our employees, communities, and the global environment.

We strive to embody values of respect, openness, and sustainability, viewing ESG as a continuous process that harmonizes our business activities with our core principles.

Our initiatives across various SDGs demonstrate this commitment, as we focus on making a positive impact in areas crucial to environmental protection and societal well-being.

By integrating sustainability into every facet of our operations we proudly uphold our role as a responsible corporate citizen, actively contributing to a sustainable future.

Our ESG program supports and aligns with the following UN SDGs:

Our local economic support efforts aim to contribute to poverty reduction.
Through our engagement with educational projects and schools, we support quality education.
We are committed to eliminating discrimination and achieving balanced gender representation in all our practices
Our oil spill and HAZMAT response activities indirectly contribute to protecting and maintaining clean water resources.
We strive to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth through employment and local engagement
Our efforts support local industrial development by mitigating the impact of pollution on industrial and logistics hubs.
We aim to reduce workplace inequalities and provide equal opportunities regardless of background.
Our vocational training and environmental education initiatives, directly contribute to the sustainability of local communities.
We implement sustainable practices in our operations.
Our oil and hazardous material spill response services are dedicated to protecting marine environments.
We are committed to preserving terrestrial ecosystems.
We promote peaceful and inclusive societies through our community engagement.
We build partnerships with various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, NGOs, and local communities, to achieve these goals, reflecting our commitment to sustainable development.


At OP, our company culture places sustainability at the center of all our business operations and values. We believe that environmental sustainability is both morally right and practically necessary. Our Environmental Management System, which is part of our Integrated Management System, has been audited and certified to ISO 14001:2015. As part of our environmental program, we are committed to optimizing the use of natural resources. Our pivotal objective is to minimize any negative environmental effects we may have, including reducing our carbon footprint.
OP has made the following commitments:
We are committed to minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of our operations;

  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of applicable legislative, regulatory, and environmental codes of practice;
  • To proactively identify, minimize, and responsibly dispose of waste generated by our operations, ensuring minimal environmental impact and preventing pollution of land, air, and water;
  • We prioritize the reduction of our energy and carbon footprints due to our belief that climate change poses one of the most significant threats to our planet. Our sustainability program is designed to promote environmentally responsible activities that provide short-term benefits in terms of efficiency, value, and health for our company, employees, and the wider community;
  • As part of our efforts to encourage sustainability, we promote the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to reduce the impact of our clients' operations on the environment. We also encourage a paperless workplace and frequently advise our clients to avoid printing. As a digital-first company, we do everything we can to minimize our reliance on paper;
  • We support increased disclosure on climate change, biodiversity, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and advocate for initiatives to advance the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement. We endorse the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Disclosure (TCFD) and communicate regularly with our stakeholders to support these recommendations; and
  • To be accountable for the upkeep and revision of our environmental policy, which is reviewed on a regular basis.

Creating Postive Environmental Impact

2023 Figures

500 +

Cubic metres of pollutants removed from the environment

1000 +

Cubic metres of pollutants prevented from migrating to the marine environment

2000 +

Cubic metres of dangerous goods from leaking containers contained and cross-stuffed into new containers

100 +

Kilometres long port and industrial infrastructure surfaces decontaminated and restored to pre-spill or pristine status


OP recognizes and understands that the sustainable growth of its business hinges on our tenacious commitment to sound corporate governance, advancement and empowerment of our people, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, and strengthening the solid partnerships that we foster with our customers and the local communities within which we operate. As such, OP is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in its business operations and is committed to:

  • Creating and maximizing sustainable In-Country Value (ICV);
  • Supporting charitable organisations and local communities;
  • Ensuring equal opportunities;
  • Ensuring safe and efficient working conditions; and
  • Working with suppliers who share our values


All facets of ESG and our business are built on good governance. Without being mindful of our compliance requirements, we cannot prosper. OP’s mindset goes beyond the concept of “box-ticking”; we strive to incorporate compliance into every aspect of what we do.

OP is deeply committed to corporate governance and upholding the highest standards of ethical business practices. The company maintains transparency, accountability, and fairness in all aspects of its operations. As part of this commitment, OP has obtained an ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating the company’s dedication to quality management systems and its ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. This certification is an important aspect of OP’s commitment to social governance, ensuring that the company adheres to the principles of quality management and continuous improvement. OP believes that corporate governance is essential for building trust with stakeholders and achieving long-term success, and the company remains dedicated to upholding these principles in all its business activities.

OP’s commitment to sound corporate governance includes a robust whistleblowing policy that empowers employees and stakeholders to report potential violations of laws, regulations, or company policies without fear of retaliation. The policy is designed to create a culture of transparency and accountability, and it provides a confidential reporting mechanism for whistleblowers to safely voice their concerns. OP recognizes that whistleblowers play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the company and its operations, and the Whistleblower Policy underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to ethical conduct and transparency in all of its business activities.

  • Creating and maximizing sustainable In-Country Value (ICV);
  • Supporting charitable organisations and local communities;
  • Ensuring equal opportunities;
  • Ensuring safe and efficient working conditions; and
  • Working with suppliers who share our values

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