Social Responsibility & In-Country Value

Committed to fulfilling our social responsibility and fostering In-Country Value

OP recognizes and understands that the sustainable growth of its business hinges on our tenacious commitment to sound corporate governance, advancement and empowerment of our people, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, and strengthening the solid partnerships that we foster with our customers and the local communities within which we operate. As such, OP regards social responsibility as a fundamental element of its activities.

Being a Riyada Registered SME itself, OP fully supports the initiatives of the Omani Government to create business opportunities for SMEs registered with Riyada. Accordingly, OP allocates between 10-15% of each of its project to SME companies. In addition to Riyada Registered SMEs, OP’s procurement policy also gives preference to Local Community Contractors (LCCs), and companies with 100% Omani ownership for catering its support services and material requirements.

As of 2019, approximately 70% of all company service and material requirements are sourced from Riyada SMEs, LCCs, and 100% Omani owned companies, with the exception of highly specialised services, equipment or materials that can only be sourced from overseas manufacturers, and where no local alternatives are available.

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