Bespoke training courses based on a holistic knowledge-transfer approach

Drawing our consultancy and training strength from our multi-disciplinary team of consultants and trainers, with extensive emergency preparedness and response experience

OP believes in the importance of sharing knowledge. Our training courses aim to consolidate not just theoretical knowledge in the trainee, but more importantly, the practical use of that knowledge. This is achieved as our training courses include both theoretical and practical sessions. At the end of each training course, our trainees will have comprehended its fundamentals and gained the principles of its practical application.

Oil spill response is a novice discipline of which many of its principles may be unfamiliar to most oil spill responders. Thus, OP relies on its experienced trainers to deliver each course in the most simplified, but yet holistic, method. Our courses provide the relative skills and knowledge needed to build a response team having the required level of understanding preparedness.

Developing Holistic Knowledge

Our holistic approach aims to combine both theoretical knowledge with practical training in order to generate preparation and readiness of all participating levels involved in oil spill response operations. Training courses are available for the whole range of oil spill response personnel. Our wide range of courses is intended to fortify knowledge across your organization.


Client-tailored Courses

As OP delivers courses to clients from various industries, it is imperative that the delivered courses be relevant to the client. Our training methodology is flexible and customizable in order to suit different locations and clients. Our approach ensures that every training course is appropriate and applicable on the client’s respective environment, local legislation and contingency plans.

Green Initiative

As a green initiative since 2020, we no longer provide printed copies of training course booklets. As a standard, all course materials are provided electronically to trainees, and the training departments of employers.

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