Industrial Cleaning

Efficient and cost-effective industrial cleaning solutions

Delivering high-quality, environmentally safe, timely and cost-effective industrial cleaning solutions

Our specialized and highly experienced teams provide our customers with tailor-made industrial cleaning solutions, that are both efficient and cost-effective. We adopt the strictest safety and environmental protection standards, in delivering high-quality industrial cleaning solutions to our customers.

OP delivers solid industrial cleaning solutions, covering a wide range of commercial and heavy industry applications. Our teams are expertly trained and have the knowledge and experience to deal with complicated cleaning jobs and industrial spills, as well as limited access areas, to help our customers maintain a clean working environment.

Our capabilities can be relied upon to conduct time-critical deep clean jobs, delivered around industrial facilities, ensuring that our customers’ demanding operational schedules are met.

OP has undertaken numerous industrial cleaning jobs for customers in the oil and gas sector, ports and harbors, industrial facilities, as well as military/naval assets and government installations.


In addition to tailor-made industrial cleaning solutions, our scope of services also include:

  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Hot Water / Chemical Cleaning Applications
  • Vessel hull, deck and engine room cleaning
  • Under-surface tank cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Slops, Bilge Oil, Gray Water Removal

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