OP has a wealth of professional experienced personnel. Focus on our people underlies everything we do. We believe in the continued professional development and empowerment of our staff. Accordingly, we make various methods of training and career advancement available to our staff. We provide formal in-office and on-site training as needed for staff to become familiar with the various aspects of our services and activities. We also believe strongly in on-the-job training.

OP is committed to the Omani Government’s Omanisation plans. Comparably, the company is committed to ensuring that the quality, dependability and efficiency of its response capabilities are up-to international standards.

The process of increasing the Omanisation level of the OP workforce takes into consideration, that sufficient time is provided to complete the learning-curve and minimum level of practical experience required for ensuring that oil and HAZMAT spill response personnel can conduct their designated job-duties in a technically prudent, competent and safe manner, considering the highly specialized nature of work and the hazardous working environment associated with the oil and HAZMAT spill response field.

To demonstrate this commitment, the company invests heavily in the development of its personnel, with particular focus on its Omani workforce, who receive extensive operational and safety training to the highest international standards and best industry practices.


Our people are not just our biggest and most valuable asset; they are the company. We are always looking to find, develop and nurture talented individuals. The progress of our staff is the main driver of the company’s growth.

Staff retention starts right from the beginning, from the application process to screening applicants to choosing who to interview. With a Staff Retention Rate of 96% over the past 5 years, OP is the employer of choice within the industry in Oman.

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