For the second consecutive year, OP, a leader in oil spill and HAZMAT emergency response and environmental services, has clinched the silver award in the SME category at the Oman Sustainability Week Awards 2024. This repeat achievement underscores OP’s enduring commitment to sustainability and its significant role in advancing Oman’s environmental goals.

The SME category, having been a notable addition last year, saw competitive entries, with OP once again achieving one of the top achievements in the SME category. This consistent recognition highlights OP’s persistent efforts in promoting in-country value by investing in local talent and engaging with community initiatives.

“We are honored to be acknowledged once again at the Oman Sustainability Week Awards,” expressed Dr. Younis Al-Akhzami, CEO of OP. “Sustaining this level of recognition is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to integrating sustainability deeply into our business practices. We remain dedicated to supporting Oman’s Vision 2040 through impactful ESG stewardship.”

This year, OP has furthered its commitment by initiating new projects aimed at enhancing resource efficiency and reducing environmental footprint, thereby strengthening its contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). OP’s ongoing success at the Oman Sustainability Week Awards demonstrates its leadership in promoting a circular economy and a sustainable future for Oman.

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Oman Petro Environmental Services Company (OP) has successfully obtained the ISO 22320:2018 Emergency Management certification. This standard can be applied by any organization, but the certification is particularly relevant to those organizations involved in preparing for or responding to incidents at the international, national, regional, or local level. It encompasses top international practices for handling emergencies efficiently.

By adhering to this global standard, organizations like OP enhance their ability to manage diverse emergency situations, ranging from minor incidents and crises to major disruptions and disasters. They are equipped to provide accurate and trustworthy information, reduce miscommunications, and manage resources for emergency response more effectively, both individually and collaboratively.

OP stands out as the first oil and hazardous materials (hazmat) response service provider based in the Middle East to achieve the ISO 22320:2018 Emergency Management certification. This accomplishment sets a precedent in the region, highlighting OP’s commitment to excellence in emergency response and management in the oil and hazmat sectors. Their certification underlines their role as a leader in adopting international standards for emergency preparedness and response, particularly in challenging and high-risk industries.

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OP successfully concluded its participation in the National Oil Spill Response Exercise of Oman, Nawras 2023, which took place in Sohar. The exercise was jointly organized by the Environment Authority supported by MEMAC, and SOHAR Port and Freezone.

Various Emergency Response Teams from OP expertly executed the main operational phases of the exercise at sea and in port, in addition to protecting the water intake of the area’s major desalination plant.

Our experts were key planners at the Incident Command Center and led On-Scene Command at the Forward Command Post for response operations in the port area. They also played major roles as main panel members in the closing session, press conference, and post-exercise debriefing.

This exercise demonstrates the unwavering commitment of all participating agencies and organizations to environmental protection, emergency preparedness, and the ongoing enhancement of their contingency plans and emergency response capabilities.

Oman Petro Environmental Services Company (OP), and Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) are pleased to announce the signing of a Mutual Support Agreement (MSA) in Oil Spill Preparation and Response. The agreement was signed in Muscat on 20th November 2023.

This agreement will facilitate closer  cooperation between OSRL, as a well-established spill preparedness and response industry co-operative, and OP, as the leading spill response service provider in Oman, with an expanding presence in the GCC region.

This collaboration will offer our members more efficient and effective response capabilities, for our members, fostering seamless integration across all three tiers of response.

More importantly, this agreement comes as an important step for ensuring that Oman can rely on our collective efforts. Through these efforts, we aim to achieve a level of preparedness and response that matches the evolving and escalating risks associated with Oman’s expanding role as a key player in the logistics sector and the rapid developments in the Omani energy sector.

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Oman Petro Environmental Services Company (OP), the national oil spill and hazardous material response service provider, has signed an agreement with ASYAD Ports Company to offer its services in the ports managed by ASYAD.

This agreement is part of ASYAD’s dedicated efforts in the field of sustainability, its commitment to preserving the Omani environment, and its endeavor to maximize in-country value.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the ASYAD Ports by Dr. Ahmed Al Abri, CEO of the company, and on behalf of OP by Dr. Younis Al Akhzami, CEO of the company.

It’s worth noting that OP is the only 100% Omani-owned service provider and currently achieves the highest Omanization rate among the approved service providers in Oman. This rate is planned to increase within the framework of the new contract through the company’s ongoing program in selecting, training, qualifying, and recruiting national cadres.

This new agreement represents another milestone in our strategic partnership with Asyad Ports (previously Marafi Asyad), which began in 2018.

Agreement signing ceremony
Agreement signing ceremony

OP, an SME specialised in oil spill and HAZMAT emergency response and environmental services, has bagged the silver award in the SME category at the Oman Sustainability Week Awards 2023. The award marks a significant achievement for OP, as the SME category was introduced for the first time this year, and silver was the highest level achieved by an SME.

OP’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its efforts to create and foster in-country value by investing in national manpower and giving back to local communities. This approach not only contributes to sustainability but also helps to build a more resilient and inclusive economy for Oman and help implementing Oman vision 2040.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition from the Oman Sustainability Week Awards,” said Dr. Younis Al-Akhzami, OP’s CEO “Our focus on sustainability is a core part of our business, and we are proud to contribute to Oman’s sustainable development goals through our work.”

OP’s silver award in the SME category is a testament to its dedication to sustainability and its commitment to creating a positive impact in Oman.

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