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Unwavering Commitment to Emergency Preparedness: OP’s Integral Role in Oman’s Nawras 2023 National Oil Spill Response Exercise

OP successfully concluded its participation in the National Oil Spill Response Exercise of Oman, Nawras 2023, which took place in Sohar. The exercise was jointly organized by the Environment Authority supported by MEMAC, and SOHAR Port and Freezone.

Various Emergency Response Teams from OP expertly executed the main operational phases of the exercise at sea and in port, in addition to protecting the water intake of the area’s major desalination plant.

Our experts were key planners at the Incident Command Center and led On-Scene Command at the Forward Command Post for response operations in the port area. They also played major roles as main panel members in the closing session, press conference, and post-exercise debriefing.

This exercise demonstrates the unwavering commitment of all participating agencies and organizations to environmental protection, emergency preparedness, and the ongoing enhancement of their contingency plans and emergency response capabilities.

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